Even more game stuff

2015-08-17 08:30:38 by chronicbite

Just came back from vacation and im ready to start working on the game again! expect more updates to come in the future, i hope, but for now I wanted to see if I could get some feedback on some of the level design vegetation/misc sprites I have been working on.  (charater for reference)5260743_143981458493_levelsprites.png

Thank you for reading this and thank for your feedback. cya next time :D  

One of the frames for the beggining "cutscenes" !!

2015-07-31 14:26:01 by chronicbite


We have decided to go with a almost "slideshoweske" type of cutscenes where we show many seperate frames in sequence, as if someone had taken a bunch of photographs, and using that as our storytelling medium. This frame is part of the the begging sequence that will introduce the player to the universe and story leading to the events of the game. 

Any input is apreciated! Ill try and keep updates coming. cheerio!

Main character walkcycle :3

2015-07-29 17:34:37 by chronicbite



Just a look at what the main character may look like. This time arround we decided to go with a diferent walkcicle for all 8 directions so that he can also moove diagonaly. I might be posting gifs of all other directions later on. for now i would apreciate any feedback on the character design and overall feel :D


Howdy!! :D Moar pixelART!

2015-07-19 11:52:51 by chronicbite

Hey Hey Hey, more pixel art for a game that might, or might not be in the works :D Wanted to test a couple of animations for character movement, so I came up with this walk-cycle (in multiple directions) probably to be used as a placeholder. I might start posting more updates on pixel art/game development as time passes, stay tuned :D 


Walk cycle from the sidefront walk cyclewalk cycle from the back



Its been a while since I last tried pixel-art, so I figured I would start with some diferent tests, experementing with diferent styles.

5260743_143575659223_tipWalking.png Addon: tiny little walk cycle for a main character :D Don't know if I'm going anywhere with this one :)


Share your feedback please :D 

Profile picture for fun

2015-01-10 11:49:00 by chronicbite


profile pic I made in photoshop in about 130 mins (maybe? not sure..)  just for fun :D 

don't even ask ....